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Time&Whiskey re-recorded this a couple of weeks after the rest of the album was done. The original version (MP3 - note: low quality demo-tape rip) was wicked fast, and I was never happy with it. The tempo sped up gradually, and you can hear me burst something trying to keep pace near the end. Of course, I now think the original version is way better.


I wrote this in July of ‘97, the week after seeing Old 97s in Chicago and Milwaukee. It was gonna be a song about setting fire to gas stations. (In hindsight, I think the girl in the song was really my conscience.)

I wish my reasons for goin’ out tonight were better
but you know they’re not
And I wish I had a better story for my girl when I get in late
but it’s just the same old tale

  If you find me in a ditch somewhere
  Clean me up, and leave me there
  but don’t tell the whole damn story to my girl
  no dont tell the whole damn story to my girl

She’s hanging ’round here just to watch me self destruct but I’m not worried
I’ve never been
You’d just a soon find me drinking malt whiskey in a cornfield
Without my old best friend

  - CHORUS -

I know in time, I’ll find a reason for this madness
Just not right now
But it seems the time when she sees through my cover stories
is coming ’round

  - CHORUS -

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