Another Day, Another Bottle [Time&Whiskey]  –  listen[mp3]
I wrote half the lyrics driving to a gig at the The Rock. (I think it was the night we headlined, Brampton music gods that we were.)

Jay conjured the monkey image after hearing 30 seconds of the half-finished song. Such was the power of Mr. Shit.

Not counting Radiohead covers, this song’s the most fun a band can have in 2½ minutes.


I think the lyrics are self-explanatory. (It’s a song about a guy who thinks he’s a circus monkey.)

Hey there, I’m home and I’ve been drinking
I’ve had it up to here with getting to the point
I ain’t been sober since I met you
Like a monkey on a tightrope
And something’s gotta give

  You know the way I’m always sayin’
  I feel like something new
  Another day, another bottle
  Keeps me goin’ through

You leave me no choice but education
In the class of Mr. Daniels
My grades are fine I guess
You’re the bad kind, and unexploded landmine
A psycho on the front line
And something’s gotta give

  - CHORUS -

  Oh yeah it keeps me goin’ through
  Oh now it keeps me goin’ through

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