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Check out the Feet Songfight! This song is in it… A slightly-muddier, slighty-messier version, but there you go.

NOTE: This song is on Waking Up In August, remixed and properly mastered.

A sailor gets his “sea legs” after a time at sea, when he grows used to the up-and-down of the ship’s deck, and can walk steadily even in tossing waves. It’s a great example of the human body’s adaptability. Great, that is, until the sailor sets ground and finds that solid land doesn’t sway, so much. Without his “land legs”, the sailor has to adapt all over again.

I experienced this earlier in the year. After a week at sea, I spent two days stumbling around like a Drunken Sailor. And I’m not a Sailor. I was, though, fascinated by my brain’s attempts to turn dry land into a rocking ship deck. Every uneven footfall triggered the response I’d adapted all week at sea: “must be the deck rising on a wave … better get ready for the fall”. Of course the ground didn’t fall, I did. Sarah tired of asking if I was drunk.

This song’s not about me, as I’ve never found my girl in bed with someone else, buried her feet in concrete shoes, and taken her out to sea for a nap with the fishes. But if I had done that, I expect I’d enjoy the irony of discovering my own feet didn’t work when I got back to land.

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- The Feet Songfight!
Long day , I’ll tell you how it went:
we come back two souls lighter than the way we left.
The earth moved when I set ground again.
I’ve still got my sea legs and I’m falling over them.

I’m not proud of myself watchin’ her go down …

  I still can’t stand
  to think about her sinkin’ in.
  I still can’t stand,
  but I’ll soon be on my feet again.

They both stopped knee deep in the stone.
With a short haul, overboard, done before I’d know.
On I went tossed about the sea.
The floorboards rise and fall, up and down beaneath my feet.

  I still can’t stand
  to think about her sinkin’ in.
  I still can’t stand,
  but I’ll soon be on my feet again.

If I’d only found her in that bed alone,
I wouldn’t be here waiting for the spinning earth to slow.

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