If the robots decide to form a supergroup, this is how it’ll look (at least until someone invents a robot bassist. Adam Clayton doesn’t count.)

On drums: P.E.A.R.T.
On lead guitar: Crazy J
On rhythm guitar: Guitarbot
On piano: WaBot
On ukulele: A mess of Lego I’ll call Ukulele bot
On trumpet: This sharp looking fella’
On flute: WF-4R
On turntables: DJ I Robot

And presenting the vocal stylings of SDR-4X with help from the creepiest headless mouth and nose you’re ever likely to see or hear, ladies and gentlemen, I give you KTR-ver.3

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One Response to “Robot Band”

  1. Seoup Gei on October 6th, 2005 at 2:49 pm :

    Crazy J really reminds me of myself. KTR reminds me of some kind of obscene male sex toy.
    I’m a little concerned about who is playing bass, though. Or perhaps rhythm guitar includes bass? The "vocal stylings" of SDR-4x are second only to Pavarotti. I chit you not.