Earlier this year, Austin Aitken filed suit against NBC because he barfed watching contestants on Fear Factor eat some rat meat.

Austin Aitken is a culturally insensitive wuss. The French have eaten rodents for over 100 years, a practice exemplified by this recipe for Souris a la creme. And in Thailand, fresh field rat is a delicacy. Willard Van De Bogart writes about the first time he ate rat: “I was astonished at how good the rat meat actually tasted.” Though I’ll admit, just when his recipe for ground rat meat and chili paste” had me tempted, I found a series of pictures detailing the preparation of what appears to be Thai-fried rat. And judging by the last pi re, you just know it tastes like chicken. So I think I’ll pass.

(Warning: links are Not Safe for Austin Aitken)

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