Nothing Left  –  listen[mp3]
Girl leaves boy unexpectedly, boy writes song.
A deliberate exercise in minimalism, with the hope that the whole would end up greater than the sum of the parts. I underplayed everything: Straight backbeat on the drums, lock-step bass guitar and kick, no fancy strumming, no drum rolls.

I think this song has 2 signatures:

The lead guitar tone - Les Paul in middle position, through a Peavey Classic 50, clean channel but full gain. Miked with an MD421, and heavily compressed (-15dB at about 20:1, fast attack, slow release)

The snare drum - Maple shell, heavily dampened head (2 moongels, placed to kill as many overtones as possible,) with any remaining overtones notched out in the mix. I miked the top head with an EV/Blue Cardinal, about 12 inches. And hit the drum as hard as I could without touching the rim.

Nothing ever seemed
to matter much when you were here.
Days becoming weeks,
I never thought to let you go

‘Cuz you got all of me girl
Yeh ya gotta love me girl.
You’re everything, you are my world
And ya got all of me girl

Nothing ever did come
from all your running back and forth.
There’s nothing I could have done
to help you figure out yourself.

  Now sure enough, there’s memories of you waiting when I get up.
  The sun is barely on my face
  before it’s time to block you out again this day.
  This rules my life.
  I’ve got nothin’ left,

All we ever did
was sit around and watch ourselves.
Your eyes over me
was enough to keep me still.

When you held me in your arms,
you took the short way to my heart.
When you held me in your arms,

And you agreed
But then you left and not a clue I saw.
What am I to feel?
without a thought, you let me go.

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3 Responses to “Nothing Left”

  1. Boltoph on July 11th, 2008 at 8:38 am :

    Word, sounds great dude. Is this the final version of the tune?

  2. Vince on June 20th, 2009 at 2:32 pm :

    Hey dude…
    Your song seems broken…. i only get the first 42kb and that’s it…
    Not much time to write new stuff? You write great stuff you know?


  3. des on June 20th, 2009 at 2:52 pm :

    Ooops, thanks for the heads-up Vince. The link works now.

    And thanks for the kinds words, too. Ya, just not enough free time, I’m afraid. Blame it on the rent, or something like that …