No One Will Ever Love Me  –  listen[mp3]

I’ve said it before: Listen to enough Old 97s and songs like this basically write themselves.

It’s unapologetically alt-country, familiar terrain for me. (See: Whole Story, Another Day Another Bottle, and even Old Guys.)

- There are 2 acoustic guitars, 2 rhythm electrics, and 1 lead guitar. But the “oom-pah” arrangement, with the bass on the downbeat and guitars on the backbeat, keeps it from sounding too busy.
- The roomy sound comes mostly from the drums (minimally miked, with a Beta52 on kick, a E/V Cardinal on the snare, and SP C4’s as a stereo room mic,) though I used the stereo room mic on the electric guitars too.
Blame my daddy for the pills I took.
Blame my mama for the way I look.
But you still get the blame for leaving me in pain
when you bailed out.

So what? I drink a little much some days
I gotta lift to keep myself in shape.
If there was any justice in this world
you’d be a thought and not a girl
and I could forget you.

 But at least I figured out
 That it’s pointless hanging round
 ’Cuz if you don’t love me,
 No one will ever love me

You can suck the life right outta me, it seems.
You still got an appointment running through my dreams.
We were just like angels in a snow that never fell.
We’ll never know what coulda’ been.

Oh, it’s a theme with me - the constant changing.
Yeh, it’s a theme with me - the low and highs.
The world would be a better place if no one ever left.
It’d be a better place if no one said goodbye.

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