Here’s a simple method for getting alcohol undetected into places that don’t allow liquor.
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You’re pretty annoying. I’m just saying, you didn’t have to combine your love of air raid sirens and your unhealthy obsession with homemade wearable helmet-mounted megaphones. But I’m here to help. See, it’s not a crime to annoy people, just like it’s not a crime to win back their affection by faking a trauma. Like, say, an unplanned freefall. I might even believe you survived the fall if I could hear myself think.

Canadian beer drinkers live in interesting times. Studies show that we’re drunker than ever, and really, it’s no wonder. We have products to facilitate cheap public drinking, and since you only rent the stuff, cheap public … opposite of drinking. We have a solution to the oft-expressed complaint, “my beer, while delicious, lacks bacon.” And scientists, those geniuses, have solved a math riddle that has plagued generations of pie-eyed frat boys. Someone get those scientists a beer. A perfectly poured beer.

Earlier this year, Austin Aitken filed suit against NBC because he barfed watching contestants on Fear Factor eat some rat meat.

Austin Aitken is a culturally insensitive wuss. The French have eaten rodents for over 100 years, a practice exemplified by this recipe for Souris a la creme. And in Thailand, fresh field rat is a delicacy. Willard Van De Bogart writes about the first time he ate rat: “I was astonished at how good the rat meat actually tasted.” Though I’ll admit, just when his recipe for ground rat meat and chili paste” had me tempted, I found a series of pictures detailing the preparation of what appears to be Thai-fried rat. And judging by the last pi re, you just know it tastes like chicken. So I think I’ll pass.

(Warning: links are Not Safe for Austin Aitken)

A brief pedantic moment: Doesn’t the expression “World’s Longest Undefended Border” imply that there are longer, defended borders?

There aren’t. Lots of countries have longer total land boundaries than Canada or the U.S., but the next closest shared border length, that of the Russia - Kazakhstan border, is over 2,000 km shorter.

Knowledge is power …

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If the robots decide to form a supergroup, this is how it’ll look (at least until someone invents a robot bassist. Adam Clayton doesn’t count.)

On drums: P.E.A.R.T.
On lead guitar: Crazy J
On rhythm guitar: Guitarbot
On piano: WaBot
On ukulele: A mess of Lego I’ll call Ukulele bot
On trumpet: This sharp looking fella’
On flute: WF-4R
On turntables: DJ I Robot

And presenting the vocal stylings of SDR-4X with help from the creepiest headless mouth and nose you’re ever likely to see or hear, ladies and gentlemen, I give you KTR-ver.3

1. Join Bacon of the Month club.
2. Receive your bacon.
3. Get the day off work. Call in sick. Free vacation day.
4. Prepare your bacon per today’s bacon recipe.
5. There’s no wrong way to enjoy your bacon. I won’t hear “but this bacon is not choclatey enough.”

Of all the Scandanavian dance bands featured in the Dance Band Bonanza and the far more thorough Svenske danseband pages, Gluntan is the only one I could find who are still performing and offering MP3s for download

There are no samples of Gert Jonnys music (nor any from their latest incarnation as Freddy’s orkester. Though without Gert, I doubt they’re even half the band.) But I’ve got the next best thing: the definitive collection of Gert Jonnys pictures.
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All 50 of the 50 worst hairstyles of all time deserved to make the list. Vanilla Ice even deserved to make it two times. But Phil Spector was shut out, and that doesn’t seem right. Kris didn’t make the list either, though that’s probably because she can’t pick a style and go with it. (And to celebrate his crowning atop the list, here’s a larger version of the Glorious Spinning Donald.)

Not safe for work: The explicit content, and only the explicit content of NWA’s Straight Outta Compton.

Not safe for your eyes: Lucy in the Sky with Shatner

Not safe for yogurt: Yogurt Dance

Not Safe for mailbox vandals: “… the tube breaks and transfers some of its “skunk oil” onto the bat …”

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